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Well as usual, it depends on what you need!


I just need something quick, simple and easy to use: I'm only adding pages of information

Using Joomla! 4 and JSOS it's really straightforward for me to set up a basic site with

  1. A template (that controls your colours, fonts, headers and footers on every page)
  2. Your articles and menu items
  3. Your modules (content shared on one or more pages in a set position)
  4. Any contact or login forms

We'll use your logo and any branding or colours you already use as a starting point and either one of us can add your articles and the menu links to them.

I offer this as a fixed cost, at £649.

I can also add a few simple extensions that improve the security, SEO and loading time of your site as well as making it a bit easier for you administrate.

  • Admin tools for Joomla
  • Advanced Module Manager / MetaMod
  • Articles Anywhere, Components Anywhere, Modules Anywhere
  • Better Preview
  • Google structured data
  • GTranslate
  • Lazy loading of images
  • Maxi Menu CK

There are also other simple additions that you might need or want

  • Pinterest icon on all images
  • Share buttons
  • Load Facebook posts
  • Infinity scrolling
  • MailChimp signup box

I don't need anything complicated, but I need to do something more than just give info

So on top of the basic package and extensions you might need to

  • Allow users to make donations
  • Gather information from people using custom forms
  • Send out regular newsletters
  • Allow people to download items
  • Allow users to connect to each other socially through your site
  • Set up Joomla for one than one language

These have more mid-range costs and as a rule of thumb would be between £200 - £600. Newletters and social networking can be the most expensive if you want to integrate the design with your site as much as possible.

Great, but I want it to look beautiful too

If the standard template is too basic and you can't find a template out there that suits you or just want something unique, I can create a besoke template for you.

High quality design and hand-coded, pixel perfect templates take thought and time to build and the cost depends on how many different page layouts we need to create. This would start at £300 for 3 x designs for small, medium and large screens, and £600 to build the template from the final design.

And finally the most complex things

  • Selling products or memberships
  • Online booking systems
  • Bespoke systems to suit your company or organisation's management

Once we have discussed what you need to achieve I can recommend a suitable solution: this may be something out-of-the box like J2Store, which is fantastic for your selling products, JEvents for online booking or a more bespoke solution using custom forms and fields if you are organising data according to your customers. Something like this would probably cost around £500 - £2,000.

Extra Costs

Over the years, I found people's biggest extra costs are

  • Needing extra help and support: there is a vast amount of infomation out there about Joomla! and it's extnsions, but quite often my clients don't have the time or the energy for that and just prefer to ask me. Usually I can give a quick answer and/or write step-by-step instructions, but sometimes I may need to do some research first. I charge for this on-demand support on an hourly rate.

  • Changing their mind: once decisons have been made, changing your mind about a design or how you want something to function will incur extra costs.

Ongoing costs

This is for hosting and updates. You will need to buy website hosting, ie pay rent to have a place on the internet to store all the files that make up your website and perhaps your emails too.

You can buy my standard top-quality, fast hosting through me for £139 per annum, this is usually enough for the majority of sites unless you have high visitor numbers or a lot of images or other large media to store.

Ideally you you will need to keep your Joomla! site and it's extensions up-to-date so it's as secure and bug-free as it can be. You can do this yourself, I can teach you, or you can pay me to do it for you.

Past Clients Include

  • British Airports Authority
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Easy Bus
  • Border Kak

Over the years I've worked with hundreds of clients: from small local companies, charities and organistations to larger councils, international businesess and household names.