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Titus Omega

Bespoke joomla! template with custom CSS and JS for J2store and Mailchimp signup form

  • A simple clean white design, with small pops of the owners favourite turquiose colour
  • The clientele are generally older, so the layout needed to be tradtional and easy to navigate with large logos and clear contact information
  • The fancy font is used sparingly and the photos of the beautiful antiques are the main focus of the site
  • On scrolling, the main menu moves into the area used by the strapline and the whole header 'sticks' to the top
  • A lot of attention was paid to make sure everything aligns perfectly

Titus Omega

G2G & M2M

Bespoke Joomla template with custom CSS & JS for countdown module, youtube popup/loader and newsletter signup box.

  • Included logo update: before the logo had lots of dropshadows, beveling and extra shapes which made it look a bit dated, I 'flattened' and simplifed everything to make the logo much clearer and contemporary.
  • This site has one Joomla! admin area, but two front-end websites. The grey colour and the main layout is the same on both sites, but Grand 2 Grand, the race in Utah has orange colours, while Mauna 2 Mauna, the race in Hawaii uses blue colours.
  • The users had to be able to switch between the 2 sites easily at all times
  • The specially designed home page 'grid' shows off the most important pieces of information 
  • Since designing the site, we've changed the volunteer part of this grid to load a video about the race. I created a special popup that is used on the home page and videos page that only loads the video once the visitor clicks on it, to vastly improve the loading time of the pages.

G2G & M2M


Kotlich Cooking

Bespoke template for Joomla website with J2Store, AcyMailing and  Joomla! layout overrrides

  • So the owner of this site wanted it to look quirky and hand-made with not many straight lines!
  • It needed to incorporate her blue and red, the iconic logo (top right), the background used in her book and the torn paper effect.
  • It took some time to decide on the fancy fonts, the font in red was purchased specifically for her.
  • The recipies section of the website used a Joomla! layout override to have a different layout to the blog part. The recipies section is more traditional: all level with each other, rectangular and had white text on a dark background. The blog was more wibbly-wobbly, had 3 different fonts with the images seemingly randomly placed.
  • I also created a matching template for her AcyMailing newsletters

Eagle Butchers Blocks

Bespoke Joomla! template with J2Store and custom fields to allow users to choose their own bespoke block

  • Full disclosure, this is my husband's site, so I had to get it right!
  • I designed the logo many years ago, and we had it on his previous Joomla! 2 site
  • We needed a luxurious deisgn that reflected the quality of these hand-made blocks
  • On this "sticky" header, the strapline again is removed and the large central "buy" button morphs into a small green one on the far right 
  • We only have a few products on here, the most complicated being the Bespoke Butchers Block, where the shopper has to enter or choose different options and is shown various other options depending on their choices. The price auomatically updates to reflect their choices

Eagle Butchers Block


Black Mountains Barns

Bespoke Joomla! template with custom layout and CSS

  • This needed to be a calm and upmarket design
  • The lovely logo was the starting point for the design and parts of it were reused as visual devices throughout the site
  • The professional photos really helped with the almost magazine-like layout.
  • Overlapping the slidehow with the brown header created a small amount of visual tension

Hereford River Carnival

Bespoke Joomla! template with custom css for modules 

  • Although I did this some years ago now, I still love the bright blocks of colour for the different parts of the site
  • It was slightly unusual for having the main image in portrait format as opposed to the more standard horizontal, landscape arrangement
  • I coded some bespoke CSS for the donate module so it fitted in with the rest of the design
  • The design needed to include the main logo, the dragonfly image created by a local school child and the many logos and supporters

Wild Hare Club

Bespoke Joomla! template with custom Joomla! layout overrides, Joomla! custom fields, RSBlog & RSComments

  • This site needed to reflect the dark nightime feel of after-hours perfomances
  • The hare, the flower and circular icons were provided by the client and needed converting to svgs so they look great on all sizes of device
  • The next upcoming gig takes center stage at the top of the page and all articles in that category uses Joomla! custom fields so the site administrator can choose the colour and postion of the info box depending on the image he chooses.
  • I also needed to do a small amount of custom CSS for the blog and comments area, so they fitted in with the design

Wild Hare Club

Wye Valley Yoga

Bespoke template for small yoga site

  • We made this design dark as dark sites use less energy!
  • The logo had been used by the clients for years and needed to be included with their new illustrations created by local art students
  • I knew dark red was one of the teachers favourite colours and used it for buttons and other call-to-actions

Wye Valley Yoga


The Meat Kitchen

Bespoke Joomal! template with custom layout overrides for home-page

  • Another small and simple site
  • Because we had the logo on the left on the home page, this site has unusually, the main logo on the right.

Woodstock Cricket

Bespoke Joomal! template with custom layout overrides for standard Joomla! modules

  • A clean, simple layout using their existing logo and grey colour
  • Custom Jomla! layout overrides and custom fields control the layout where the images are behind the text
  • Different layout overrides control the "rotating" testimonials

Woodstock Cricket


ESB Leather

Bespoke Joomal! template with custom layout for Joomla! modules and articles

  • This is an old design now but I still like the different colour blocks used to differentiate the homepage sections (modules) and the layout for the secondary information (articles) above the footer

Isomerase Therapeutics

Bespoke Joomal! template with custom slideshow and module Joomla! layout overrides

  • This design needed to be simple and clear, using their existing logo and twisting stripe
  • I built the slideshow specifically for them so they could easily add the images and button links and we could have it animated.
  • The custom layout overrides for the "Services"module places the "read more" text over the intro image
  • The most complicted part of this design was ensuring the grey icon on the bottom right went underneath the main content, through the coloured lines at the top of the footer and under the logo in the footer!

Isomerase Therapeutics


Past Clients Include

  • British Airports Authority
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Easy Bus
  • Border Kak

Over the years I've worked with hundreds of clients: from small local companies, charities and organistations to larger councils, international businesess and household names.