JSOS makes Joomla!® SoSimple

JSOS makes Joomla!® SoSimple

I love the new Joomla!® Atum template, but I found I wanted to just do a few tweaks to make it easier for myself and my clients to use.

So, what are the main extras with the JSOS Atum extended template?

  • Add your own favicon
  • Make your font size smaller
  • Make the icons smaller, more muted and removes a few distracting/mismatched ones
  • Make the table headings and dropdown 'edit' menus to match your chosen dark template colour
  • Make the checkboxes and inputs more noticeable
  • Make the quick icons the same colour as your links
  • Shows sorted table headers highlighted in the link color
  • Breaks up the sidebar menu so that the main content links are easier to see at a glance
  • Puts a background on the table filter options so all sort, search and filter options are visually grouped by colour
  • Allows you to make the main buttons look more 'buttony' using a subtle highlight and shadow 
  • Changes the order of the buttons so you have Save & Close as the main ones followed by other options.
  • Allow you to set the system messages to a max width of 50rems, a comfortable reading width and makes the background all one colour
  • Allows you to set a max width for the main body of the page (on a large screen over 2000px with default text, the pages become unreadable)

Coming soon

  • Fantastic new layout for editing articles, menu items etc. This will allow to still see the content while editing your images and metadata etc. and it radically changes the option dropdowns.

  • Change the header links (Post Installation Messages, Private Messages, Link to front-end etc) to be icons only or text only
  • Extra small fonts (bigger fonts are already available in your own user options)
  • Smaller buttons, inputs and selects
  • A plugin to allow admins to override some limited settings (font size, icon size, buttons etc) for their own login only.
  • Dark mode

There will be a lot of changes coming soon, so if there is something that you'd like, just ask and I'll see what I can do.

How does it work?

It uses the default Joomla! Atum template with just a small Javascript and CSS file added, that's it. This does go against the "template being the single source of truth", but I don't see the point of duplicating or rewriting something that is pretty great to start with and to me, that is more important.

Download Free Version

atum alternative screenshot