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Help - I cannot open a Joomla! article to edit it.

When you open an Article/Module etc, Joomla! 'locks' it so that only you have access to it. This stops other people editing the page at the same time and overwriting your work.

When you have finished editing a page you must use the buttons in the top right to either ‘Save’ or ‘Close/Cancel’. Never use your browsers back button. This ensures that the Joomla! knows you have finished editing the page and allows others access again.

If you see a gold padlock next to an item and cannot edit it, hover over the padlock to see who has it checked out. You’ll need to contact them to login and either save or cancel the page or get in touch with your Super Administrator / Website Builder.

However if you do have Super Administrator access then log in with the appropriate details. If you have a website from us, go to Components > Check in/out and check in the page you need to edit. If you don't then try out this great little extension MyCheckin, or use the default Joomla! one in Tools > Global Check-in. Beware using the Joomla! default one though as it will check in everything, so make sure no-one else is working on your site.