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Is your Joomla! website ready for the responsive mobile revolution!?

Ok, so it's not really a revolution, but more and more people are viewing websites through their mobiles and tablets nowadays and it's important to make your website easy for your customers to use or else they just might go elsewhere.

If your website is not responsive, then Google will rank you lower in their results, so in order to not get left behind, your website should be responsive too.

What does a responsive website mean?

Put simply, it just means that your website changes in response to the width of the users screen. So for instance, columns that are in a row on a desktop may be stacked one-on-top of another when viewed on a mobile.

OK, so how do you go about making my website responsive?

We'll use a responsive framework and incorporate it with your exiting HTML & CSS. Then we'll go through each page and check that they layout fits nicely on mobiles, small / portrait tablets, large / landscape tablets and of course desktops.

Costs usually start at around £400 for basic Joomla! template to be made responsive.

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