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Titus Omega, selling antiques online

This is a relatively simple J2Store driven website. The website owner wanted a white design that reflected the era of the antiques that they sell, but didn't overpower their gorgeous objects for sale.

The Logo

We started by creating a new logo: again it needed to reflect the Art Deco / Arts & Crafts style and had to include the owners favourite turquiose colour. The image before the lettering is a T & an O laid over each other and then split into two parts. We tried lots of combinations of fonts, colours and size of image before deciding on this one with the small squares of colour add interest to the logo without dominating it.

The Layout

The felt they needed something realtively tradtional and easy to navigate and read, with large logos and clear contact information for their adult clientel. They definitley wanted it to be mostly white, with the owners favourite turquiose colour and to use a font appropriate to the era of their products.  reflect the quality of the antiques 

Importing Products

The site was originally built by the owner using Dreamweaver and they had hundreds and hundreds of products that needed importing.

Luckily the pages were very well organised, and I could pull out the info that we were reusing on the new site (images, title, description etc), discard that which we weren't and turn it into a nice neat spreadsheet for them that I could import it into J2Store. Spending hours copying and pasting products into the shop was never really an option!

Past Clients Include

  • British Airports Authority
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Easy Bus
  • Border Kak

Over the years I've worked with hundreds of clients: from small local companies, charities and organistations to larger councils, international businesess and household names.