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My Horse Network, fixing an existing incorrect setup

This site provides a place where horse transporting businesses can pay to advertise themselves, and forms that horse owners use to request quotes to transport their horse.

When a horse owner fills in one of these forms, the system automatically emails the advertisers that someone has requested a quote. It sends the advertisers all the information and contact details so that they can get back to the horse owners with a price.

I didn't design or build this website, the client had bought it as it was, and there were a few issues with the way it was setup. It took a bit of time to understand how it was setup and how all the parts worked together, but once I got grasp on it I could see the problems and sort them out for her.

We also switched the site to my hosting as her old company's quotas were not high enough to send out the volume of emails needed and they repeatedly shut down the site.

Past Clients Include

  • British Airports Authority
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Easy Bus
  • Border Kak

Over the years I've worked with hundreds of clients: from small local companies, charities and organistations to larger councils, international businesess and household names.