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JSOS makes Joomla So Simple

With its multitude of options, extensions and layout overrides, you can really make Joomla! your own. However, all these options can make it confusing for admins who aren't very technical and I thought it was high-time I started to help out. 

JSOS will become a small suite of tools that can make the administration of Joomla! much easier. Currently, there are just two extensions: alternatives to the default Joomla! templates Cassiopeia and Atum. There will be more coming soon!

Both this website & the JSOS site are built using one Joomla! installation, and my Cassiopeia alternative template, so there is only one admin area with two different template styles for the two different domian names.

Past Clients Include

  • British Airports Authority
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Easy Bus
  • Border Kak

Over the years I've worked with hundreds of clients: from small local companies, charities and organistations to larger councils, international businesess and household names.