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Grand 2 Grand and Mauna 2 Mauna

Grand 2 Grand and Mauna 2 Mauna are two ultra races in America run by the same company. They wanted a fresh new look for their existing Joomla! site and more importantly, cut down on their admin time spent sending out emails and information to their customers.

Both sites share just one Joomla! administrator area, but the front-end has two different domain names that get the apropriate template style loaded automatically.

Each template has a very similar layout and the loads some of the same header and footer information, but uses different colours and other modules the load the informaion specific to that site only. 

It was important that the other race's logo showed on each site so visitors could switch easily between sites.

Bespoke race application system

The most complicated part of the site was the system for people to apply for a race which uses a mix of RSForms and AcyMailing subscription forms.

First the user enters their email address and which race they are applying for in an RSForm and if they have registered before we ask them to login, before they continue. Once they have logged in, their previous personal and contact information is prefilled for them on an AcyMailing subscription form. If they have not registered before they are redirected to a different AcyMailing subscription form where they do need to fill in that info. 

With either option once they have checked their contact info and filled in the information specific to that race, they are subscribed to a variety of mailing lists and redirected to an RSForm for the final part of registration, collecting the money! 

On this payment options page, we have automatic discounts for older runners, and various other discount options where applicants may need to upload documents to prove they are applicable for discounts, or enter other information. Different options show according to what the user enters on the form so they always have the smallest form possible. 

If the user has not registered before they are automatically registered as a Joomla! user and their login information emailed to them. 

If they have only filled in the first part of the registration, when they next try to register they are automatically redirected to the payment page, if they try to register again, they are told that they have already registered. 

Applicant Management

Once they have finished both forms, the site's administrator checks and sets their discount amount, checks that they have paid the correct entrance fee and assigns them to the correct user group for their race. 

Now when the applicants log in to their account they can see all the information and safety documents specific to that race and if they are paying by installments or have only paid the deposit, how much they have left to pay and have links to PayPal and Bank Transfer information. They can also update any of their login, contact or race information. 

Newsletter System

Early on in the application process, the applicants were subscribed to various AcyMailing Emails and Lists. The majority of these emails and lists send out general information at appropriate times before the race.

Other emails and lists send automatic regular reminders to applicants to remind them to pay their entry balance by the correct date, to login and upload their medical certificates etc. Once they have done this the administrator confirms it in AcyMailing and they are automatically removed from the appropriate mailing list.

Before this system was set up, the site administrator used to send out hundreds of emails manually and appllicants were often emailing to request information that the admin needed to reply to. Now the system does the majority of the work for them and users can always find all information once logged in.

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