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  1. Go to your module manager (Extensions >> Modules or Content >> Modules)
  2. Tick on the module you wish to duplicate and click on the 'Duplicate' button, top left
  3. The new module will show in the list with the same title and (2) at the end. It will also be unpublished.
  4. Open the new module, change the title, any settings and set it to be published
  5. In the 'Assignments' tab choose which page you'd like it to be on.
    If you have 'Advanced Module' manager you'll be able to choose how it shows by other settings, incl. date, user, tags and content type.
  6. Save the module and check everything works as expected.
    If it's not showing as you thought, check the 'Position' and the 'Assignments' settings, and have you published it?
  7. If you need to, you may need to edit the original module so they aren't both showing on the same page.