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Google Analytics sees each of these domains as different sites (or "Properties").


So if you want to see information for all of those you need to add each one as a different "Property" in Google's Webmaster Tools

Nowadays though you should only really be using https:// or http://www:

  1. So you comply with the new GDPR
  2. Google says they rank sites with SSL's higher than those without

So you may want to only add these two.

 google search console add property


In the popup, enter your domain name and click "Add".

google search console add property popup

Do this for each of thedomains that you want to collect data for.

Creating Sets of Websites/Properties

If you have more than one website you can group your properties into "Sets" using the "CReate a set" button to organise them better.

www v non-www?

From an SEO point of view it does not matter whether you choose www or non-www, and you can certainly keep both, so your visitors see what they type in. If you keep both, you can set in Google Analytics how Google displays your domain, or you could get me to set up your site so it always goes to one or the other, regardless of what your visitors type in.